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Cut loose in the studio, working to our own brief.

Recently I reunited with the beautiful Cheyenne Tozzi for a personal photo session.  Cheyenne and I have worked together many times over the years but always for commission work, so this it was cool to cut loose in the studio and work to our own brief.

Cheyenne is now a recording artist, proving that she’s not just a pretty face.

Check out Van Hoorn, Cheyenne’s band

Photographer:Adam Flipp

Styling: Marieanne Malafosse

Hair: Frankie Endersbee

Makeup: Mia Hawkswell



Recently I was commissioned to shoot the contestants of the Voice 2013

Recently I was commissioned to shoot the contestants from The Voice 2013.  We shot the top sixteen contestants in studio.  The brief was very simple for this project which in itself can be challenging due to the time limitations.  Essentially I was asked to portray each character as themselves, no tricks, no props. Basically you need to earn your subjects trust the second you meet them and then convince them into showing you what they are about.

We all had a lot of fun on this project and the producer of The Voice should congratulate themselves on the amazing group of people that they had competing on their show, Everyone was super cool.

Shots of Harrison Craig by Adam Flipp



In a clash of cultures, Daft Punk, known for its use of disguises, particularly ornate robot costumes, while in public or performing, will screen their latest video at the 79th Wee Waa Regional Show, a fair with a long tradition of wood chopping, pick-up trucks and cowboy hats and boots

Daft Punk will not appear in person at the May 17 album launch, but 4,000 tickets were sold in 13 minutes for the event at Wee Waa, 570 kms (355 miles) northwest of Sydney.

UPDATE listen to the full album streaming live on iTunes right now.



A great studio Album – Emancipator

Tunes set the scene for any great day in the studio and this album has been doing exactly that lately.

Being time poor, I am starting to rely more on my assistants, especially for finding new and worthy music to play in the studio while shooting, Steve mad pRoPs go out to you for sharing this album!

Emancipator is Douglas Appling, who is joined in the live setting by Violinist Ilya Goldberg.
To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere this year, but those in the know have been following Emancipator since he self-released his first album, “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough,” at the age of 19 in 2006. His agile melodies layered over headnodic, immaculately-produced beats captivated fans across the internet and across the world. “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” was picked up by Japanese super-producer Nujabes, pressed in Japan and sold 5,000 copies in the first six months. Emancipator landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song “Maps” played at the Bejing Olympics.
His latest album “Safe In The Steep Cliffs” blends new instrumentation and organic samples with the signature Emancipator style of clean production, silky melodies and addictive drums. Dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, violin and some distinct Asian influences make for a playful but refined album built out of intricate tracks listeners can enjoy on as many levels as they want. Dance to it, chill out to it, immerse your mind in it.